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Welcome to Salam Immigration, the Specialist UK Immigration Law Solicitors. Salam Immigration is a firm of solicitors that specialise in helping you regularise your status in the UK lawfully, regardless of how complex your case may be. Our dedicated team of fully qualified Solicitors are experts in their field, with years of expertise in UK Immigration Law our team is best suited to handle your immigration application, refusal, appeal or judicial review claim that you may need help with.

We have offices with Solicitors throughout the UK who deal with Immigration Cases exclusively making us proud to be experts in our area of law, should you need to contact us directly you can call any one of our offices below:

Manchester: 0161 839 7396 / 0161 8342188  |  Chester: 01244 344 577 / 01244 403 173

Birmingham: 0121 554 4544 / 0121 702 2688  |  London: 0208 514 8405


Over the years we have found ourselves involved with complex cases involving the BBC Panorama English Language Test Investigations (ETS TOEIC Cases), which we have successfully won. We have also been involved with cases that had the Mi5 and the Anti-Terror Police involved with an asylum seeking family who we represented and recently we were invited to go to the BBC Studio in Birmingham to comment on EU Migrants since Brexit on a BBC show which was aired in the UK.

Our growing reputation speaks for itself; we are an out and out UK Immigration Specialist firm offering an unrivalled service that comes to you with a full team of highly experienced Solicitors in the UK Immigration field all with our unique and highly sought after method of working.

We are based across all major areas of the UK and can accommodate your case no matter where you are living.




Or call our UK Immigration Solicitors team directly on 0203 771 8366


UK Immigration Laws are readily available online, however as we all know not every two cases are the same which is why it is incredibly important to have an expert team of Immigration Solicitors to be on your side of the table from day one.

As each application requires its own type of expertise we recommend that our clients let us do the work and talking if required, the Home Office can be extremely difficult to deal with which has been apparent from recent years as such we would advise that you let us take care of your UK Immigration matter.

We assist in a wide array of cases, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Visa Refusals – Administrative Review – Judicial Review Claims – Detention
  • Family Visas – Spouse Visas – Fiancé Visa – EEA Applications – Settlement Visas
  • Business Visas – Work Visas – Student Visas – Visit Visas
  • Sponsor Licences – Corporate Immigration – Civil Penalties issued by the Home Office
  • British Citizenship – Asylum Claims – EU Law
  • Human Rights Applications and Appeals – Deportation
  • Revocation – Curtailed Visas – Denied entry at Port – Airport Detention


At Salam & Co Solicitors our team have an established reputation for providing clear and strategic immigration advice, which achieves the best possible outcome for our clients given their situation. The advice given by our team is tailored for each situation and client regardless of his or her circumstances.


Why Salam Immigration? There are so many other firms? Why should we come to you?

These are genuine questions, we know which is why we take our values and work ethos very very seriously that makes us the leading firm in this area of law.


Our Values and Work Ethos is simple…



We never make any false promises to any of our clients regardless of how much someone may want to hear it, the truth is, Immigration Law in the UK is complex and changes on a regular basis, we ensure that from the moment you contact us we are open and honest about your case and the merits, which it has.

As expert UK Immigration Solicitors we take your facts and advise you on the merits of the case and give you options, which you can take, each option will be provided to you with the pros and cons of each one and our opinion on which is the route to follow.

We take great pride on this part of our firm value and make sure every member of our team, regardless of his or her role understand this concept that we work with.


UK Immigration Laws update regularly, almost more than any other area of law in the UK, we take this as a reason to make sure that we are always on top of what is coming into force and advise our clients appropriately on the changes that could effect their case.

Our firm is a big believer in training and put a lot of efforts into training our staff on a regular basis to be up to date with the current laws, which then leads to honest expert advice.

Our team at Salam Immigration is fully equipped to deal with any of your queries in relation to UK Immigration Law matters.

The first call or enquiry that you make is picked up and thoroughly studied which then follows with a call to you to advise on what it is that you will need to do to ensure that your case can succeed, throughout this time we are always open and up front with you on what the merits of your case are and then advise you on how we could help with this.


At Salam Immigration we find that client care is the most important part of the instruction that you provide to us.

We are here to serve you; our aim is always to get the result that you desire and the only way we can do that is by ensuring that we care about your case and becoming familiar with the facts as much as you are.

We ensure that the highest quality of work is submitted on your behalf that can only be provided through our team of dedicated UK Immigration Law experts and specialists alike.

Our knowledge in the UK Immigration field is unrivalled which is why we have a presence in almost all of the major cities in the UK where our offices are equipped with Solicitors and their teams to handle your case no matter how complex it is.


The key to winning any case is communication and teamwork; we are leaders in this field within our competitors.

From the offset you are given a Solicitor to handle your case, the Solicitor doesn’t come alone but brings with him/her a team who will work together to get the result that you need.

We have found over the years that not many others are offering a service where you get a full firm behind your case when needed.

We take great pride in our communication with our clients and within our team here at Salam Immigration.

We provide to you direct numbers to get hold of your lawyer should the need arise, no switch boards, no voice message facility, no client portals – just you and your team of lawyers.

Further we have a presence in all major cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Chester, Leeds, Liverpool and Bolton from where we can service your case, this also means should you wish to meet us in person you have a wide array of options on which office you wish to visit us at.

We always take feedback from our clients and ensure that communication is at the forefront of our service, we believe excelling in this area of our work ethos enables us to understand your case to the core to which we then apply our expertise in UK Immigration Laws and get the result that you need to carry on with your life. 


We do not use 3rd party review sites but prefer our clients to hand write their reviews which are available for inspection for our clients on their request.

Our reviews speak of how we do what we say, not only this we also take what our clients say to us and implement this into our practice so that our clients are aware that we are serving them in their case.


How much will it cost me to use your services?

We do not advertise our fees or make any price promises on our site, as each case is completely different.

We do recommend that you call us and talk to us about your case; this part costs you absolutely nothing as we do provide a free case assessment for all of our clients.

Our team at Salam Immigration is proud to offer a multi-lingual speaking team who can assist you in talking about your case and what we can do for you.

Do not delay if you have a refusal or are approaching a deadline as it could mean it could cost you everything if you do not.



Or call our UK Immigration Solicitors team directly on 0203 771 8366


Finally, Experts and Specialists are phrases often used by our competition, however we let our results and work ethic speak for itself, if you want to see why we say that, call us now on the number above.  


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