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We are one of the U.K’s leading immigration Solicitors! Our experience and immigration law knowledge means we can handle any case no matter how difficult. We take pride in Client Care and welcome our clients from all walks of life. If you need expert advice then you are in the right place!

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We have 4 branches in the UK based in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Chester and 2 meeting rooms in Leeds and Bolton.

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Our dedicated team try our level best and give you the highest quality service possible.


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At Salam Immigration Solicitors we have experience dealing with all types of Immigration applications.

We cover Judicial Review Claims, Immigration Appeals, ETS TOEIC challenges, whether on appeal or in Judicial Review Claims, HMRC Tax Amendment Cases and many other complex and non-complex immigration related matters!

We can take over your file at any stage and put in our knowledge and expertise to help you win your case. So do not delay and call us now for your immigration case as you could lose valuable time in delaying contacting our team. At Salam Immigration Solicitors we are the experts in this field.

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