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Call our expert team of UK Immigration Solicitors now on: 07738 719 264,  01244 344 577,  01244 403 173


Immigration Solicitors Chester

If you require immigration solicitors in Chester then you are in the right place.

Our Immigration Solicitors Chester are well experienced in all types of cases regardless of how big or small the matter is.

We have successfully acted for many clients over the years to find the best resolution for their immigration case.

We are equipped to deal with a full array of applications to the Home Office, Tribunals, Court of Appeal and the European Court of Human Rights.




Call our expert team of UK Immigration Solicitors now on: 07738 719 264,  01244 344 577,  01244 403 173

Some of the areas which we can assist in include:

  • All Immigration Applications to the Home Office for your stay in the UK;
  • Human Rights Claims based on your private and family life in the UK;
  • Appeals against Refusal of Applications in the First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal;
  • Judicial Review Claims against Immigration Decisions;
  • All EEA Applications for Family members and EU Nationals to reside in the UK;
  • Visit Visa Applications for General Visitors and Family Visitors;
  • Removal Cases if you are detained at any Immigration Removal Centre in the UK;
  • Attendance at the Home Office’s Public Enquiry Offices for same-day service for applications for leave to remain in the UK;
  • All types of applications for students who are already in the UK, or wish to travel here to study in the UK;
  • Applications for Highly Skilled migrants (holders of Bachelors and Masters degrees and PhD’s) and sponsored skilled workers;
  • Any type of applications to remain in the UK as the spouse/civil partner/cohabiting partner of a British Citizen
  • Applications for Registration Certificates, Residence Cards and Permanent Residence documentation, for EU and Swiss nationals and their family members (whether European or not);
  • Help with applications for asylum, humanitarian protection, human rights and discretionary leave to remain in the UK;
  • Visa applications for filing at British Diplomatic Posts abroad.


These are just some of the services which we can offer you. In addition, we can make applications for travel documents, for individuals who are not in possession of a passport, as a result of being a refugee, or not being able to obtain a passport.

In addition to the above, we can offer our services for appeals against refusals from the Home Office. These appeals are heard in the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal or the Upper Tribunal (a venue similar to a court). We attend the tribunal on a regular basis and can provide a professional service in appealing refusal decisions, removal directions and decisions to deprive an individual of indefinite leave to remain or British Citizenship.

We can offer a specialised service to cater for the needs of businesses employing, or seeking to employ, migrants from both inside and outside of the EU. For example, we can assist in:

    • Obtaining sponsorship licences from the Home Office (to permit businesses to sponsor skilled migrants from within the UK and abroad);
    • Assisting businesses in ensuring they operate sufficient procedures for ensuring that they do not employ migrants with no permission to work in the UK;
    • Appealing decisions from the Home Office, to impose fines on businesses for employing illegal immigrants and overstayers.


We can be reached via the details below and will be happy to assist you from the start to the end of your case.


Immigration Solicitors Chester


For all new enquiries please dial: 0203 771 8366


If you are an existing client of ours then please call on the details below:





TEL: 07738719264,  01244 344 577,  01244 403 173

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We are easily accessible from all surrounding areas in North Wales; we are next to the Train Station in Chester and easily accessible from the city centre also.

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Some of Staff Members in Chester include:

  • Miss Fiona McLardie – Assistant Solicitor
  • Miss Sarah Goodwin – Assistant Solicitor
  • Miss Christie Ankers-Phillips – Assistant Solicitor


Plus many other suitably qualified members of staff that can help with your case.

Should you wish to have a Solicitor from another branch work on your case but you live in around Chester we can accommodate that for you.

A full list of our Solicitors can be found on our team page here.