Brexit Update: More Bad News for the EU Migrants already in limbo…

With application fees costing EU citizens thousands of pounds, is the Home Office now becoming a business?

New changes announced by Theresa May will do little to alleviate the anxiety of EU citizens living in the UK. Under a new regime, all EU citizens will be required to apply for residency, regardless of how long they have lived here.

Indefinite Leave to Remain will replace Permanent Residency and can be applied for after five years of living in the U.K. However, in a controversial change, new Policy states that even if you have an existing Permanent Residency status, you will be required to apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain.

Indefinite Leave to Remain will be viewed as ‘settled status’ granting the right to live and work in Britain. Yet, Theresa May has repeatedly failed to explain the cost attached to this.

An application for Indefinite Leave To Remain will cost £2,300 per person. Families with one or more children could be expected to pay upwards of £10,000 for applications. The Home Office have also warned there should be ‘no expectation’ for an application to be approved.

Although, Indefinite Leave to Remain is the equivalent to settled status, it is not the equivalent to citizenship. Therefore, if an individual with Indefinite Leave To Remain is to leave the U.K for more than two years, this status could be revoked.

This poses the question, how will these changes affect middle and low wage workers? Will this price out thousands of Eastern European citizens?

Picture this, you have an Eastern European national with his wife and two kids, he works on a minimum wage and has recently obtained Permanent Residence after having worked and paid his taxes in the UK for five years. With the new proposals the Home Office will want him to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain even though he has Permanent Residence.

This will cost him around £12,000 just in Home Office Fees for the applications if what the proposal is becomes the relevant rules.

The Home Office will it appears prize poor or working class people out of remaining in the UK even though they have worked and paid taxes here, albeit not as much as a richer person.

This in our opinion shows that the Home Office is becoming more like a business rather than a government department, it was only last month that we published the new fees for how much it will cost just to make enquiries with the Home Office for your application which is already paid for!

Brexit Update

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