Rhetoric regarding the ‘introduction’ of a point’s based system has been labelled both unclear and vague following new announcements in Immigration Policy.

Throughout the Brexit referendum, immigration played a significant role, with Vote Leave strongly advocating for the introduction of a points based system. However, Theresa May has come under harsh criticism with calls for her to clarify what this means and how it will function for EU Nationals.

The U.K currently has one of the strictest points based system for non- EU nationals with the Home Office favouring the highly skilled and highly paid. Therefore, a points based system would simply be extended to EU Nationals rather than introduced as new system.

Under an extended points based system, EU Nationals will be treated as non EU Nationals and will face similar restrictions. As this system will favour the highly skilled and the highly paid, around 80% of EU Nationals could be excluded.

Theresa Mays plans to let in the ‘best and brightest’ of immigrants, has also come under criticism from leading business owners.

EF regional director Martin Strutt stated that “Skills shortages are endemic in manufacturing and engineering, and any points based-type system would choke off the skills needed by this sector’’. You can read more regarding his speech here. http://swindon-business.net/index.php/2017/06/23/manufacturers-warn-of-chilling-effect-of-post-brexit-restrictions-on-eu-workers/