The Home Office are now extending their application checking service to cover and include immigration applications. This application checking service will start with Set M applications, which is a settlement application for people that are the partner of a settled person or the parent of a settled child.

This service will be provided by several councils across the country and they will check the following:

  • Whether the correct forms have been completed.
  • Whether the applications have been signed by all relevant parties including the applicant and sponsor.
  • Whether all mandatory documents have been attached.

Copies of all original documents including the passports will be taken and the original documents will be returned. They will also check whether payment for the application has been made to the Home Office. This is not including the separate fee they will charge for the application checking service. The application and documents will then be forwarded to the Home Office.

This application checking service will not be able to assist in the content of the application or your eligibility for settlement. They will not be able to offer any immigration advice or update you on the progress of your application.

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